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I have been without cable for five months now...In the family room, we a computer hooked up to the our LCD tv and with netflix, hulu, amazon and itunes we can watch just about anything we want for a fraction of what we were paying for cable. Every once and a while we use the HD OTA signal for a show (which actually has better picture quality that our HD cable did) and I am planning on buying a eyeTV to handle some basic dvr functions. We use a bluetooth mouse and an onscreen keyboard as a remote control. we watch what we want when we want, and can check the email in between shows.

I also have an apple tv in the basement running boxee, but its value is limited. I would rec people skip the ATV and buy a mac mini instead. refurb mac mini - $499, bluetooth mouse - $69, netflix $108...$676

Another option is a roku...netflix and amazon capability already, and hulu is on the way...all from a tiny $99 box.

Sorry about the long post, just happy to hear more people are making the change to ITV. As more people do, the content will improve

Lee Ambrosius

As you mentioned there is a number of ways to go with ITV. I spent a little while doing some research before making the jump from Cable TV to ITV and am very happy with my switch so far. I have not done much research in the area of DVR yet, but will most likely use Windows Media Center at this point since that is what I have available to me.

Glad to hear about your experience though, and I too hope that people will begin to make the transition. However, it will most likely not happen until something like Apple TV or Boxee make it easy for the mainstream to do it. A box with combined ITV plus digital convertor would be ideal in a number of ways though at this point.

Neurotic Nomad

Six months ago I decided to cut the cable and depend on the internet for 100% of my television programming. With zero research and zero preparation, my wife and I jumped in feet first.

What a bumpy ride! We've saved $300 and learned a lot.

I just published part 2 of my 3 part Guide to Ditching Cable @ http://replacetelevision.wordpress.com/what-im-watching-and-how-im-watching-it/

I stream a LOT of material. I had the Roku Netflix box for a few months and loved it. I sold it to buy an AppleTV to run Boxee on, but then found out that Boxee for AppleTV doesn't support Netflix.

Now I'm getting a Mac mini if/when Apple bumps the specs and living without Netflix streaming. Until then, Hulu will do just nicely.

Of course... there's also downloads. Have you discovered T.E.D. ?

Ami Roberts


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Wes Thierry

I have been doing this for about 5 months in San Francisco. We get all networks over the air in HD for free. Run Playon on a computer server which we connect to our PS3 for Hulu, Netflix, and some of the other playon plugins like food network, Discovery, and CBS and NBC, its not as conveinient as cable, but for the savings its great. I also recommend one of those programmable Logitech remotes to put your system in the right mode for others in the house who may not be as tech savy!


You don't need Wii, Xbox, Playon, or Boxee to stream the videos from the major networks, cable channels, youtube, & internet TV channels. They just link to the source of the video... something you can already do on any PC or Mac anyway.

Even a lot of which is on Hulu is just linked to an originators source, & not actually served by Hulu. Just bookmark the stream section of your favorite channels & sources in a folder just for TV.

Surf the links the same as you'd surf TV channels. Try the torrents & P2P like Frostwire too. Not everything on the file share networks is illegal. Some of it's free to download, & put there by the originator & copyright owner.

My satellite only cuts out 1-2 times a year for less than a minute during only the most extreme storms... much less than my cable cut out per year. Sometimes channels would be missing or have a blocky distorted picture for days with cable too.

Be late paying your cable bill & they will cut you off. Then charge outrageous re-connect fees to turn it back on. If you're late paying satellite, they let you slide a long time before they even notify you that they may disconnect you in a few weeks.

When they do disconnect you, within a minute of paying your bill, the service is automatically restored at no additional charge.

The dish sometimes can be placed on the roof in back, the garage, or on a post where nobody will notice it.

Many years ago some people would refuse to have a phone or electricity because they didn't want those ugly wires running into their home, or on the inside. We can live in mud huts & caves, or keep up with the times.

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