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Ignacio Arrue

Hi Lee, nice work. But, what is the diffence between the options "Remove" and "None" ???



Just out of curiousity...do you know how to set the default background offset to 1.15 instead of 1.5?

Thanks and nice work on the Mask Extender

R.K. McSwain

Very nice, and much needed tool.


Thanks for creating a great tool!


Just wanted to let you know that ADT 2007 would not load you program. It flatly refused. Sadly your routine was exactly what I was looking for. Toggling the masking on & off for dimensions & text.

I pointed to your ARX routine from Cadalyst Tips & Tricks, the routine there (based on your original) just turn on the mask but would not remove it on some text.

If you ever update your routine give me a shout. I was actively looking for something like this.

photoshop masking

Wow! Sounds great!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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