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my name is aravind. working as a architectural draughts man in bombay (india). i brought autocad 2000 bible in 1999, that is an excelent teacher for me . i got more idea from that, now i say very closly that book help me o get the job. very thanks to you sir .

what are the new advantage of autocad 2005 and what are the new feature of it
1) I have a dought that is when i go to plot a drawing on monochrome mode the monochrme file missing (on some files) i cant solve the problem now i am doing that i copy (ctrl + c) the drawing and paste on anothe file that containe monochrome file and plot

2) another one is, suppose i select a line or any entity (command promp is null ), normally appeare the properties are on the property dialoge box , on my case
on property dialog box "no selection " what to do for that problem please give me the answer of my request

thanking you


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