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I've noticed that if i have multiple drawings open at once the auto save doesn't save at all. I've had 5 drawings open at once for 30 min. and my autosave is set to 5 min. I accidently closed a drawing before saving. When I went to my autosave folder the drawing wasn't there. Is there a way to set autosave to save for each drawing, when they're all open? I am working in AutoCAD 2006.


Autosave is a confusing feature to many. Autosave actually doesn’t do a save until the drawing has focus in AutoCAD, so you could actually have a drawing open with changes made to it and have it never create an Autosave. Other things to know about Autosaves is that if you do a manual save the timer resets and doesn’t start until a change is made to the drawing, so if you open a drawing the autosave might not start right away. So if you do a save no autosave file will be created, until the new timer has reached 0 which might not happen if you have a good habit of saving your drawings. Currently, the behavior is as designed.

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