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Mike Walsh


Do you plan on including Visual Basic.Net connections to an AutoCad Drawing? It seems that AutoCad 2006 may include more Dot Net objects. This would mean that Com Interop would not have to be used nearly as much.

I would be the first in line to buy it if you included information such as interacting with object handles to and from a Dot Net database application. By interacting I mean real basic stuff like selecting fields would highlight those objects within the drawing and selecting objects would generate a dataset or highlight within a database list with its specific fields displayed. The Dot Net database would have to be created so that a key field would have to have the proper relationship linked to AutoCad's Database which would include any designated object with the AutoCad 2006 Drawing.

Thank you. Mike Walsh of Bismarck, ND.

Lee Ambrosius

Hello Mike,

The current book doesn't outline any .Net due to the fact that there are a lot of VBA users out there yet. I do have plans to develop a complete .Net book sometime this year. I know many people will be excited to see .Net exapnded in AutoCAD 2006 if that is going to happen, but the casual programmer I feel is still atracted to VBA and LISP due to no additional tools to purchase, until the Express Edition of VB .Net is out of Beta. So a .Net book is in the works and should be out some time this year, the goal of this book is for VBA users and to develop a good work flow to expand to .Net, so hang in there. Help is on the way. If there is anything else that you have questions about just let me know.


John Burrill

Hi Lee,
I have a suggestion for an appendix subject in your book consisting of two parts:
linking to a database through ADO (maybe populating a AutoCAD table obect from an Access table.
Writing a simple XML stylesheet and schema and pushing data from AutoCAD to an XML file that can populate it.
John Burrill

Jim Shipley


-Looking forward to this information. If I were to make one suggestion it would be to leave out the beginner VBA material, you can get that in any VBA book. Put more emphasis on EXAMPLES!!

Let us know when it is ready.


Ron Baril

Hi Lee,

First of all, let me say that I really enjoyed your class at Autodesk University last December. I really like the way you organize your code. It looks good and it's easy to read. Although you did get into some really advanced stuff. If your book is as organized as your code examples, it'll be a great book.

What I didn't see in your list of chapters is Dictionaries, XRecords, and Extension Dictionaries. I've used the first two quite a bit and they're not that difficult, but have yet to use Extension Dictionaries because I really don't know where I would use them.

Definitely get some database connectivity stuff in there. And not just Access but Oracle and SQLServer.

How about LISP and VBA talking to each other?

I think the Events chapter should get allot of emphasis.

I think that's about it. I know you'll write an excellent book and I will be anxiously waiting for it to become available. Keep us all posted on the release date.

Good luck,
Ron Baril


Looking forward this information

good luck


I am student and i need a free copy of the book vba for autocad.
thank you

Nguyen Duy Huy

I want to have a vba for autocad book. Could you send me it.
Thank you very much
Nguyen Duy Huy
Department of Informatic for Mining
Faculty of Information Technology
Ha Noi University of Minign And geology
Dong Ngac-Tu Liem-Ha Noi-Viet Nam

Ruben Rodriguez

I'd love to have this book, but I really need it now. Please let me know how much and how quickly I can receive it.



Ruben Rodriguez

I wrote and said I'd like a book, but have not heard from anyone.

Please acknowledge.

tran minh diep

Hi mr Lee
I'd love to have this book, but I really need it now. Please let me know how much and how quickly I can receive it.


The book can be purchased at the following URL: http://www.hyperpics.com/eBooks/index.asp


Paul Redd

I really need this, Hurry !
I can lisp a little, But, This is the way to go. Thanks, Paul

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