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how to edit the already existisg block

Ed Hoglen

Lee, Can you tell me if the SUPERHATCH\WIPEOUT command works in Autocad 2006? In our 2004 version I have no problems. But in 2006 it just doesn't give me any results. Here is how I have been using it in the earlier version. If I have the top (plan) view of a machine. I need to add a wipeout to the created block in 2D to hide machine parts underneath it. I create a block of the plan view of the machine and place a rectangle box around it.
I open the superhatch command and select wipeout and select the interior point just inside the rectangle box. This gives me a wipeout region around the perimeter of the block. I move the the block out of the way, then I repeat the steps for the wipeout inside where the block used to be. It then generates a very good profile (footprint)of the block. I incorporate this wipeout into the block and then place it in the correct area on the drawing. This hides all the lines underneath the block and I have a cleaner looking drawing. But in 2006 it will not accept the wipeout command. I have tried the boundary command and tried to put a wipeout inside if it. but it just doesn't work. Looks like I'll have to in 2004. Thanks, Ed

Patty Castle

Hello Lee,
I cannot access the xclip command in AutoCAD 2006. It is an "unknown" key-in command and not available from the Modify>XRef menu (Xclipframe is available, however). How do I correct this?
-Patty, AutoCADette

Lee Ambrosius

The XCLIP command is not found in AutoCAD LT and that sounds like why you can't seem to find it. Verify that you are using AutoCAD and not AutoCAD LT.


I'm trying to do an dynamic insulation block by putting a block of insulation and array-ing it as I stretch the distance parameter. I'm trying to get it to extent to the exact limit by inserting a x-clip inside the block to trim it to the exact dynamic distance.

Any idea if this is possible (how to stretch a x-clip inside a dynamic block)?


Hello lee,
can y tell me , how to hide the part of the object (not whole) in Auto CAD drawing

jon senior

Is there any way of creating the command xclip as a custom command in LT. Would this require a bit of coding? I'm a bit stumped because i've seen extension software for LT with these extra commands and think that it's logical to be able to create these custom tools yourself. Just don't know where to look for guidance

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