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Mike Walsh

When is that "how to" book of samples of tested nifty Dot Net code snippets that works with AutoCad coming out that I have been patiently waiting for about 3 years now? Now that both AutoCad 2006 & 2007 has most of its database exposed as managed code it seems that the time should be getting nearer. AutoCad 2007 has what seems a net object that allows for saved views with layer memory. You'd think someone would be brave enough to at least try it. The saved view could be linked with database records within a relational database for facility management etc. it seems.


Timing is everything in this world, as far as when one will appear it really is any ones guess and whether the CAD community is ready for it. Customizing and Programming for AutoCAD is a nitch market these days, more so than let’s say about 10 years ago. There are more users of AutoCAD than know how to use the program than know how to customize it these days, and that is due to the number of add-ons and verticals at higher than there were in the past.

The other side to this type of project is, since it is such a small group of individuals that one is writing for, the dollars and justification are often not there. I know I have plans for one, but wasn't willing to take the effort until the API had matured more and with AutoCAD 2007 that has happened. .NET has been in AutoCAD since 2005, but in a limited fashion. It comes down to market demand for such a project because it is no small undertaking, many users still are trying to learn VBA and AutoLISP because they are at times much easier to learn than .NET or C++ for that matter.

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