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It would have been a better article if the author had proof read it before publishing it.

Seen is not the same as scene. The phrase "distant lights are lights that shine in a specific distance" doesn't make sense.

Bob Price

Lee Ambrosius

Hello Bob,

Sometimes things make more sense at 1:00 AM in the morning than they do after one gets some actual sleep. The article has been tweaked and should read a little better, also at times I might rely a little too much on MS Word to find things when I start getting a little on the tired side of things. Have a nice day.


Paul Li

Unfortunately, when Autodesk added Sun Light to AutoCAD 2007, they also took away previous AutoCAD Distant Light feature where the user can define multiple sun lights with them.


hi Can you explain how to turn off default lights in 2007



Lee Ambrosius

Default lighting can be turned on or off using the DEFAULTLIGHTING system variable. Enter DEFAULTLIGHTING at the command prompt and enter a value of 1 or 0 to turn default lighting on or off respectfully. You can also click the Viewport Lighting Mode toggle on the Lights control pnale found on the Dashboard.


I always use MText command when drafting and providing call outs. But everytime I wanted to edit the Mtext by double clicking the mouse, the In-place text editor does not show.

Thank you

Lee Ambrosius

Your issue sounds like it could be one of two things since I am not which release of AutoCAD you are using. The first is that the system variable PICKFIRST must be set to a value of 1. To change it, type in PICKFIRST at the command prompt and press ENTER. When prompted for the new value enter 1 and press ENTER.

The second and usually not the most likely is that you are using an older menu than the one that can with AutoCAD 2007 and 2008 that doesn’t define what command should execute when a MTEXT object is double-clicked. So in this case make sure that you are the appropriate action setup in the CUI editor by typing in CUI at the command prompt and press ENTER. Expand the Double-click Actions node and check the MTEXT object node to make sure it is using the DDEDIT command.


quite an old article it is, but i wonder where is the part 2?? :D


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