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Tommy Shumpert

Nice Job. You forget to mention that you won by default. R.K. McSwain Won, and for some stupid rule AUGI does not let the king stay on top.

Steven Papke

Congrats man...it only was a matter of time.

Lee Ambrosius

While the rule might seem stupid, it has been in place since Chris Linder won the first Top Daug contest 5 years ago in 2001. David Harrington has asked a number of times to participate again since he won it 3 years ago and the rule is always upheld. R.K. McSwain should have been removed from the top ten due to him winning last year, but this was not caught until late in the morning and he was informed prior to sitting down and taking the drawing portion of the test.

The issue of filtering out past winners is being addressed to eliminate this from happening in the future through the test itself and not just a few of us trying to monitor who is and who isn't taking the test. I do acknowledge that R.K. McSwain did complete the test and was the most accurate at it, but the ruling to eliminate him from the finals was a fair one since the rule has been in place for 5 years. If the rule was not unheld, it would have been unfair for us to not let other past winners at AU this year not take the test altogether.



Troy Gates

Good job KaDe King. Top female AutoCAD user!!!

David Harrington

Congrats fellow TD! No more fun for you now! Perhaps another organization will conduct their own contest next year so once again we will be allowed to compete! BTW, I did win the Avatech Solutions AutoCAD test, a nice $250 that I left in Vegas. Thanks Avatech!


Congrats man, you finally did it!!!

Shaan Hurley

I want to see a competition of past Top DAUGs next year, a duel for DAUG Master of the Universe. My money is on Harrington or Bell overall although I would lay my money hands down on Lee for any AutoCAD knowledge based competition as he knows more about AutoCAD than most anyone else I know.

I think the no two in a row rule is a good one otherwise I am not sure there would have been a change over the past few years with Harrington or Bell making it no fun for anyone else to win. We would have to wait for them to not attend AU or get old to have a chance. :-)


A past Top Dog live face off would be good. Maybe Howie Mandel could host.

Lee Ambrosius

We have actually talked about doing a contest with all past Top Daug's at an AU event since we are no longer able to win top honors anymore.

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