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John Loudermilk


I've been fighting a problem with setting background fill using VLISP on a dimension for the last few releases. I used your BFILL.lsp and got the same problem - you cannot see the dimension text because it's filled with solid color. Any ideas?

Lee Ambrosius

So the text is invisible when you apply a background mask? Does the same happen when doing it from the UI, this is a strange sounding problem. Does your drawing contain vertical objects created in AutoCAD MEP, ACA, or Mechanical? Have you tried updating the driver for you graphics card?


Hi Lee,

Thanks for pointing attention to these new functions!
I have tried it with individual objects (I passed Objects names as arguments).
But I can not figure out how to use (getpropertyvalue) and (setpropertyvalue) functions for Object collections (AcadLayers, AcadLinetypes, AcadBlocks, etc.), every time I try to call these functions while passing to them Collection name, I get "; error: ADS request error". Maybe this is because I don't know exactly format and values of collectionName, index and name arguments? Could you point me in right direction?

Constantin Gherasim

Hi Lee,

Here is a more direct and elegant way of checking if an entity was selected. Instead of an expression implying the negation of negation, like "(if (/= ent nil)", something like "(if ent", will do the job as well.


Lee Ambrosius

You are correct about the IF statement. Old habits die hard after being formed over the years.

I often simply embed my SETQ and ENTSEL as part of the IF statement in this case since SETQ returns the value the variable is assigned.

Lee Ambrosius

I just posted a new article on accessing non-graphical information like Layers. Hope this helps to shed some light on accessing the Layers or Blocks table.



Hi Lee,
I am trying to get the 'IsA' property from the 'dumpallproperties' and it returns nil

(setq e1 (car (entsel "\nSelect a line: ")))
(dumpAllProperties e1 1)
(getpropertYvalue e1 "IsA") ; This returns nil

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