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Rusty Gesner

Hi Lee,

I see the "About the AutoCAD Object Model illustration (which went AWOL sometime after 2009) is back http://docs.autodesk.com/ACDMAC/2014/ENU/index.html?url=files/GUID-FC6FC3E3-ED3E-4E4D-9766-8E4D037241A5.htm,topicNumber=d30e342375
However it is a static image, unlike the interactive Object Model explorer of 2009 and prior, which enabled you to drill down and see which properties, methods, and events apply to which objects.
Any chance this might be resurrected?
- Rusty

Lee Ambrosius

Hello Rusty,

A clickable object model is something that others have requested as well and something that was previously available as you note. As to if or when such a thing might be available, I can't say for sure one way or another. :)


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