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Hi Lee
Which is the best solution to implement a mini system that extract data from blocks, connect to a list prices in excel or access, and then print the information automatically into an excel file that have a format of presentation?

Actually i have a problem because the system that i have works only in autocad 2016 with win 7, is not flexible with new versions or autocad or windows. So, exist other method that works without take in count the versions?

Lee Ambrosius

AutoLISP, VB.NET, C#, or C++ will all allow you to connect to Excel or Access via ActiveX/COM. Putting your data in XML is the best as you ate less dependent on programming libraries than when working with Excel and Access. What is the problem you are currently having? Are you on Windows 32- or 64-bit? If on Windows 64-bit, do you have Office 32-bit installed? If so, that will cause problems as you will need the 64-bit release of Office installed with AutoCAD 64-bit.

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